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First of all , let me begin my  first apologizing for the long break from updating my blog !  

My Schudle as gotten incredibly more busier and hectic even more so lately , I sincerely appreciate the love , and comments I get from you all , knowing I am giving some one , out there , some sort of fashion inspiration ! Xoxo...  


It seems like Christmas and New Year was just a min ago. Right after New Year, I was at my local Walmart, and lord and behold, the entire store had pretty much turned into a Valentine’s Theme. So I’ve noticed a trend that seems to be pretty much everywhere. That trend is that Valentine ads is 99% of the time  targeted towards couples, boyfriends, girlfriends, ex-girlfriend, lol, bottom line ( partner/lovers)  but as I get older I appreciate that Valentine isn’t all about having a significant other, Although,  There is no greater love besides God , however self-Love is the ultimate Love one can give from oneself to thy self ! Yes I said it, Don’t get me wrong, it a beautiful thing to have a loving partner, and I very much love and appreciate that, however one’s individual self-love is Super Important. Your self-love determines how you relate with others.

With the  high fast increase in the use of social media, a lot of people find themselves, comparing their lives to someone else’s controlled posted content.  Some may desire , The need to have that spouse that flies them all over the world on first class buying you the Gucci and channels  and that diamond rock 💍💍💍 that can blind a sister . BUT ,

Sisters ! Listen up !  Even if you attain this sort of life style , if your joy as no depth other than material things or relaying solely on a man”s love , your life may still feel empty .  There is a surge of taste that often comes with flirting one”s life style , marriage or relationship on social media and keeping up with the Jones . Nothing I repeat beats self love . Refrain from comparing your self to another human”s life .it is mentally unhealthy. For instance , If your hubby is only able to take you to a fast food verses a luxurious restaurants most people post on line, still be grateful and appreciate that moment . Do not let social media rush you ! 

The more I see this prevailing the more I have found myself purposefully digging myself in the word of God, to ensure I don’t lose sight of what is important.... GOD.. periodT

So my love’s if you are single this Valentine, be sure to celebrate yourself, and life, look around you and appreciate all you have and of course , look absolutely your best while doing that. Which brings me to this lovely look and inspo I created for valentine”s day , whether you spend it alone , family , children or significant other , it ought to be special .  So let get down to my Valentine Day Look , Shall we, Can I just say I absolutely loooove this dress from kairosshoppers… It is giving me Life.. 

I wish each and everyone one of you a beautiful and joyous valentine”s day to come ! Remember when you have a pluse ( heart beat ) , God must have a plan for your Life!!


love y’all !






Bag here:






 Dress via Kairosshoppers 





  • Yesssssssssss.. Ilove your page. I have been following you for several years, in your Radio OAP days… and I must say I love your fashion inspo always.

  • Oh baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️. I remember you writing about staying away from red for Xmas , guess u Switched it up for valentine”s and I lovet

  • Hi beautiful I love the simplicity of this look and that LV bag gimmmr girl

  • Hey girl shola here … to support my sister okay 🔥🔥🔥.. go ahead with your fine self my queen

  • I am here for this whole look .. Issa win for me… and yes to self love …


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