Sumer Must Haves

Weekends are absolutely my favorites parts of the week!!. My schudule can be so overwhelming at times,  hence I strive to ensure that I  relax on weekend. Yall already know my love for the color Yellow. I  instantly feel in love with this cozy dress, as seen on me below.

Summer is painstakingly hot in the south so I ensure I wear light weight out fit , I paired this look wearing my Straw hats and straw bag from Target..  My head is so big, it is literally so hard for me to find a straw hat that will fit this head of mine. So if you have the same problem, welcome aboard. lol. See Below links to all my look. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend lovers.



 Dress Here:

Shades: Oldie From Burberry

Hat Here

Bag Here:


  • Girl I can so relate to the hat problem.. Thanks for sharing

  • Go girl.. love your blog

  • I love the look. I actually have the same dress from kairosshoppers, I wore it to my trip to santa monica beach.. I will be checking out the bag

  • Girl I have the same problem.. My head is so big, I can never find the perfect hat for me head. Thanks for sharing TGIF


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