Struggles of Spring

 Lately the weather as been so tricky . In the morning it get chilly and right about 1pm , boys and girls it gets suddenly super hot .  Finding the appropriate outfit to wear could be kinda of tricky . Which brings me to this light weight sweater shein finds . Divas This sweater is comfy for all weather and still stylish . I  am in love with the pearls..  So here is the story, Shein sent me this sweater no lies, several months ago, but I never had the time to shoot it. So as I started wearing it and loving it, I was like I must be a devil  ( LOL) to not share this great find. so HERE IT IS  Be sure to visit my IG page for the search ID no and besides shein as so many items for reasonable price. By the way where are you guys headed for summer ? I need some ideas something within usa and budget friendly .. we ain’t trying to break the bank . Until the next post ... have a blessed one.








  • Sorry typo on my last comment : I mean it looks like Uve been to Florida see my previous comment about penn state

  • Hey girl … what sort of vacation do u have in mind ? From you Dress I know I’ve been to Florida already . What about Pennsylvania. Hersey park . It nice for kids and affordable

  • Thanks for sharing this cute one. We live bu the beach so you will find us all summer at the beach and probably travel to a neighboring state. I am thinking Hershey park.

  • Bimbo don already reach here 😳😙. Our friend no be only u o. Keep it Lollypop. Love the look and blog . You know I love u mega

  • My friend is Fine Fine hi love


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