I get asked  this question all the time ..” What shapewear are you wearing?” So for this post I decided to strictly discuss about shapewear and undergarments.  I don’t know about you but I love having a smooth foundation to my looks. This is essential to any outfit I wear. Diverse women of all sizes, wear shapewear, not just plus size women, because of its ability to firm and enhance a woman’s body. God knows, I have gone through various brands and I can finally say I have some favs depending on what out fit I am wearing. Before I reveal them though, I want to debunk some common myths about shapewear. 


  1. Wearing two or three shapewear at a time can help make you look smaller

This is a tuff myth to dismiss because in certain circumstance depending on the shapewear this may be true but in most cases it only makes the woman uncomfortable. Now believe me you, I have most definitely wear two shapewear at t the same time.

  1. Buy a small size to get the slimmer waist appearance!  This is soooooooooo Wrong , you hear me, SOoo wrong. Infact when you wear a size, smaller than you normally size it would make the foundation more


Shapewear Favs



Maidenform Firm Control Seamless Long Leg Open Bust Body Shaper 12615








Women's OnCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short SS1915








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