Modern Day Ankara

Are you  nervous about wearing shorts & bright colors this season? Well, let me help you out. One of the reasons that I love blogging is because I get the opportunity to debunk some common myths and misconceptions about what plus size women can and cannot wear. By showcasing these styles on myself, my hope is that you will see that these “rules” have really no basis and are not to be followed. Of course, we all want our clothes to flatter our bodies but that never means that you have be excluded from trends or styles completely.

There are several things that stuck with me for a very long time that I just did not wear. The first is about wearing shorts. I’ve always had this notion that shorts makes you look bigger especially if you are bottom heavy. I wonder where I got that from? (perharps media) So of course, I stayed away from wearing shorts until I started blogging. And I know that like me, many women stay away from certain things such as bright colors, prints and even whole garments like shorts and dresses because of what they’ve been told will not flatter them. I’m here to tell you, not so!

So here I am , size 16, wearing shorts made out of Ankara in the  middle of downtown  North Carolina. All I felt was confident, stylish and comfortable in my own skin. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zones and try something that you would not normally wear. I promise you the fear of it is all in your head and that you will realize that there was no reason to stay away from it in the first place. Live this Summer liberated, colorful and free!

Modern Ankara Here


  • Killing it babe

  • I loveeee this. I am a size 3×.. I hope it looks good on me as it does on you. cant wait to get them

  • I so want this… I just ordered cant wait to get them

  • wanted you to know I stopped by.. you look delicis

  • beautful hey girl..


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