Merry Chritmas

So I’m finally getting to share with you all, my Christmas look. I love this time of the year. I must admit the parties are definitely enticing . This year, my goal was to get dressed up in a gown, may I add that an “affordable” gown was also a goal. As a plus size girl, I must admit, I struggle to find the perfect gown that flatters my body. There were two things on my mind, my desire to look regal and incorporating one of my favorite color (Blue).  

As seen below,  I selected this dress because of it several advantages, the ruffles below and the vibrant color. Blue generally looks good on any skin tone, so when in doubt choose blue. I also did not want to wear a color that was always known to be more popular around this time of the year… Close your ears as I scream out the color” Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed’.

As mentioned earlier, I wanted  to stand out. So if that your goal as well, then I most certainly recommend this dress.


Lastly, another benefits to wearing a dress with ruffles on the bottom is that it elongate your heights , which in turn helps to achieve a more trimmer waist line verses having the ruffles placed in the mid section. Merry Christmas Everyone and wishing you all a fabulous holiday.








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