Lady in Pink

Welcome to 2019... I am so glad  I made into this Glorious Year.

Beleive me when I tell you it is seriously cold, out here. Despite the fact that , this picture does not show how cold I was....

Some of you may have taken note of this Tulle layered skirt that as been trending lately.  At first I was ambivilent about this skirt ,  as a plus size girl, I personally prefer to wear tight fitting out fits hence I avoid out fit that may potentially  make  me look even bigger than my actual size. My goal is to always wear an outfit flatering to my body. I am wearing a size large in this picture, even though my actual size is 2x due to my hips.

Going two sizes down on this skirt size due to all the layering of the skirt helped me achieve a look that was more flaterring to my body. When next you  consider getting this look, you may want to consider going one  or two sizes down to achieve my look! Wishing you all a great 2019 ahead. xoxo









TOP: Old from kairosshoppers

Belt: BCBG

SKirt Here

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